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Chicago Cubs @ San Diego Padres – Series Preview

Just 10 short (or long) days ago I previewed these same Padres. Nothing has changed, they are still an awful offensive team. However, right now, the Cubs are worse.

The only bright spot so far this week for Chicago was on Monday, a day off. The Cubs, after starting the month of May 11-3, have lost four strait now, been swept away by the filthy Cardinals in St. Louis, and managed just 14 hits to score two measly runs in their last 27 innings!!

And it’s not like they have been stranding runners, or making baserunning mistakes, or hitting into double plays; they have simply stunk. Derrek Lee is the only one swinging good wood right now, and the way Derrek Lee has been going, that’s not a good statement to make about your ballclub.

Lee has a five game hitting streak, and is 9-for-19 in that span, raising his average to .239 on the season. Milton Bradley, though hitting the ball hard, was 1-for-10 in the three-game series. He left two runners on base, and his average fell to .184.

Mike Fontenot is 2-for-26 since Aramis went down on May 9th. He has started at third base in six of nine games, going 1-for-21. Ugh. Lou had this to say regarding Mike: “”Fontenot, God almighty. I don’t know what to do there. I think I need a Corona. It’s been a while. I think maybe we’ll just sit him for a while and see.”

Since Lou is hilarious I’ll let him wrap up this preview before moving on to the pitching matchups. “Let’s go to San Diego and eat some abalone. Eat some abalone and start hitting. If we pitch like that the rest of the year, we’ll be very happy,” Piniella said. “If we hit like this the rest of the year, we’ll be very sad.”

“The only thing that’s concerning to me is hitting averages,” said Sweet Lou. “And to compound that, we’re 16th in the [National] League in doubles. You don’t get people on, you don’t drive the ball in the gaps, where the [heck] do the runs come from? That’s what’s concerning to me.”

“It’s not that we lost three games here in St. Louis and only scored two runs. You need to start getting these averages up, you need to start driving the ball in the gaps a little better, and you need to start scoring a few runs here and there and all of a sudden you get more consistency.

“You know what they say about the stock market? Looking for a bottom. Hopefully, we’ve found the bottom here in St. Louis.”

Not sure if she is a Padre fan, but Google image search 'Padre fans' and she pops up

Not sure if she is a Padre fan, but Google image search 'Padre fans' and she pops up

Game 1 – 10:05 pm EST, TV – WGN

Carlos Zambrano (3-1, 4.50 ERA) vs. Jake Peavy (3-5, 3.82).

Z returns from his three week stint on the DL from a hamstring injury to face Padre (hopefully soon to be Cub) ace Jake Peavy. Peavy, fresh off vetoing a trade that would have sent him to Chicago (the South-siders), will look to redeem his loss to Chicago in game one of the Cubs three-game sweep of the Padres in Wrigley last week.

Game 2 – 10:05 pm EST, TV – CSN

Rich Harden (4-2, 4.74) vs. Josh Geer (0-1, 5.61)

Harden has not been Harden so far this year, but thanks to the offense has four wins on the young season. Unfortunately for Rich, the offensive has recently vanished and he will need to be the Harden of old to win this one. Fortunately for Rich, he is going up against the Padres, which means he basically only has to try to get one man, Adrian Gonzalez, out. Also good for Rich’s fortunes is the fact the Cubs will be facing a pitcher no one has ever heard of, Josh Geer.

Game 3 – 4:05 pm EST, TV – WGN

Ted Lilly (5-3, 3.35) vs. Chris Young (3-2, 5.07)

Lilly has been the Cubs best starter since the All-Star break last year. Theodore is 5-3 (3.35) this year, and was 8-3 (3.32) post All-Star break in 2008. I usually don’t let bias creep in, but I love the bulldog. As soon as I hit a scratch off ticket, I’m purchasing his jerz.

Young is a punk, that is also documented in my initial preview of the Fathers.

Hopefully San Diego won’t have the lead late, cuz if so, they got Heath Bell. Check out this awesome article on the awesome one himself.

Also, since the Cubs are out in San Diego, they might run into that hilarious, world famous San Diego Chicken. The Pinkie was able to land an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime interview with the Chicken himself. To read that hilarity, just click here and laugh.

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  1. The Thrill May 23, 2009 at 10:30 am #

    Can we get a freaking Brew Crew update?! I love those boys, I don’t care if they have nothing to do with Kentucky

  2. Carl H May 24, 2009 at 9:16 am #

    Yes. The Brew Crew sucks. You are welcomed for your update.

  3. Louise June 16, 2009 at 2:32 am #

    I’m a huge Padres fan. They’ve always been my favourite teams in MLB, but they should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. Just read about them here:


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