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Aroldis Chapman taking a breather

The Cincinnati Reds are resting closer Aroldis Chapman ahead of their expected post season appearance.


After a successful season as the closer Chapman speaking on his situatiion and shoulder told ESPN, “It is a little fatigued, I started feeling it a couple of games back. I just wasn’t myself. It’s nothing major. There’s nothing wrong. I just feel weak.” He had 35 saves, 1.60 E.R.A., 119 stikeouts, and 5 wins in 67.4 innings We certainly have seen better seasons by closers but very few men have been more intimidating as the 6’4″ Cuban. His 105 mph fastball has blown away the competition. Yet, his recent performances has seen his velocity drop considerably. ESPN Stats and Info tweeted this pic of his last three performances:


The Cuban Missile started the season with an uncertainity of what his role would be. On May 20th he moved into his role following an injury to Ryan Madson. The Reds organization, among others, maintained the idea of Chapman moving to the rotation. This flame throwing monster has no business as a starter. I don’t know what it is but I have never seen his value as starter. He has thrown 67 innings and his body is tired! How much more valuable is a guy who can change the course of a team’s season 1 inning at a time or one that pitches 5 innings every 5 days? It takes a mix and the Reds young staff has performed but without Chapman closing the door the team would be in a much different spot. Of the top saves leaders all but Cleveland’s Chris Perez is on a team vying for a playoff spot! I think this is the right move and should allow Chapman the time off he needs to get back to 105 all night long followed by his patented grown ass man tumble!


While I am on the subject of resting pitchers…why didn’t the Nationals rest Stephen Strasburg throughout the year? Had he been held to pitch every 10 days then we wouldn’t be asking what will happen to the Nationals but rather who can beat the Nationals!

Fantasy Football Fix Week 15

Here are the top 5 guys that could lead you to Fantasy Championship next week.

#1. Donald Brown IND 163 Total yards 1 TD

Brown’s play of late has been pretty solid,  finding the end zone in 3 of the last 4 weeks. You could have worse plays next week.

#2. Demaryius Thomas DEN 116 Receiving yards 0 TD

Thomas has seemingly become the only person who has been able to thrive in Denver’s passing attack.  Don’t be scared of Tebow’s lack of passing ability. Thomas is a solid play.

#3. Kahill Bell CHI 108 Total yards 1 TD

With Marion Barber getting pushed to the wayside, Bell looks to be a solid play because he is productive in both the passing and rushing attack. The Bears also plays a Packers team, who will probably resting their starters making him a even better player.

#4. Carson Palmer  OAK 367 Passing yards 1 TD

Palmer looks to be finally hitting his stride, getting his owners 200 plus yards and at least 1 touchdown. Looking at what other quarterbacks did this week, that’s actually pretty nice.

#5. John Skelton ARI 313 Passing yards 1 TD

Whether it’s Skelton or Kolb you can almost guarantee that they are either going to end up with 300 passing yards and 1 TD or 2 plus touchdowns. You should have no fear with either in your lineup.

Three Trends To Watch

#1. This is probably the worse case scenario for all owners of Aaron Rodgers and Packers receivers. With virtually nothing to play for anymore, there is a strong chance they all sit out for the remainder of the season.

#2. I don’t know which quarterback disappointed more this week, Eli Manning or Andy Dalton? At least in Dalton’s defense Cincy was committed to the rushing attack and needed little help in passing, but still you would have liked to see at least one touchdown out of the guy facing the woeful Rams. There can be no defense for Manning. He was just dreadful.

#3. Where do you rate Chris Johnson next season? He obviously has the tools to be a top back, but his inconsistent play has to push him back to at least a 3rd round pick. Anything before that is way too much of a risk.