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NFL Owners Say Goodbye to Tuck Rule

Owners from the NFL voted on two rules for this upcoming season. Earlier today the voted on eliminating the tuck rule and whether or not to penalize offensive players, especially running backs, on using the crown of their helmets to hit defensive players.

The tuck rule was voted out of the league. There has to be some joy in Oakland to have this rule eliminated from league rules since that rule was famously brought to light in the 2001 playoffs. Back then the Raiders thought they forced a fumble on the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but the tuck rule kept the ball in the Pats possession and helped New England go to the Super Bowl.

You got feel for Tom Brady. First it was Wes Welker leaving and now this! Poor dude needs to catch a break….oh wait I think will be just fine.

So moving forward to the 2013 NFL season if a quarterback starts to bring the football back toward his body while trying to throw, it will be ruled a fumble instead of an incomplete pass.

The Oakland Raiders tweeted out, “Adios, Tuck Rule.”

The next rule came with some harsh reaction from players around the league. A rule new that will be on the offensive side is the one with the crown of the helmet hits rule. This rule will mostly affect running backs.

If a player is more than three yards downfield or outside of the tackle box delivers a blow with the crown of his helmet a 15-yard penalty will be called. In the heat of the moment the rule can be charged to both offensive and defensive players. If any player lowers his head and uses the crown of the helmet to make contact, that player will be penalized.

Matt Forte, who is a running back for the Chicago Bears, is upset at the new rule. He tweeted, “Wow so they really passed that rule, last time I checked football was a contact sport. Calling bank now to set up my lowering the boom fund.”

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher gave his thoughts on the rule by saying, “We had discussions with the players association and the players themselves, the coaches’ subcommittee. A lot of people talked to us about this rule and how to roll it out in our game.”

You have to thinks some players on the defensive side are happy to hear this news. Usually it is the defense having to change the way the play. This time it is the offence that has to make an effort to conform to the new rules.

Notable Fantasy Football Injuries for Week 3

Steven Jackson is game-time decision with groin injury

Jackson groin injury seems to be more mettling than initially let on as Jeff Fisher has pushed his decision to play him right before game time. I would have serious concerns about starting Jackson this week before his injuries concern, with both his matchup against the Bears defense and Daryl Richardson’s role in offense. I would look at another back regardless this week, even if Jackson plays.

Matt Forte ruled out

In news that should surprise no one Matt Forte’s ankle injury has ruled him out this week. In my eyes this is purely cautionary as Michael Bush should easily be able to carry the load against a weak St. Louis Rams rushing defense. This extra week off should be exactly what Forte needs to be 100 percent and not have to worry about re-injuring his ankle.

Ryan Mathews & Antonio Gates look good to go

With both having a full week of practice under their belt, their fantasy owners should have plenty of confidence in putting both in their starting lineups. Facing a Atlanta defense short on rest should help them produce solid fantasy totals.

Greg Jennings limited in practice

News for Greg Jennings owners continues to be that of the depressing nature as he continues to be limited by his groin injury. Seeing as he plays this Monday, owners are better off looking in another direction. It’s better off to be guaranteed having someone who plays, instead of one player who is more likely to get you a zero.

Marques Colston and Devery Henderson expected to play

Drew Brees should finally have a full lineup of wide receiving options this week as he takes on the Kansas City Chiefs. Unless you have top fantasy wideouts on your bench, both should be considered must starts as the Kansas City defense has been torn apart by even lesser offenses. Both have a solid shot of ending up with solid yardage and at the very least a touchdown.

John Skelton back to practicing, Kevin Kolb still expected to start

In the revolving door of mediocre quarterback play that is Arizona, Kevin Kolb at least for this week looks to be the starting quarterback. Either way this really only affects one fantasy option unless you play in a super deep league. Have no fear in putting Larry Fitzgerald out there, he’s too good to continue this terrible start. Eventually Kolb or Skelton will get him the ball.

Pierre Garcon doubtful

Garcon seems to be returning to his usual injury prone ways as he looks to miss time again this week with a foot injury. In his absence Josh Morgan should continue to be the feature wide receiver in the Redskins lineup and should see the most looks. The only good news for Garcon is Morgan doesn’t look to be a threat to eventually take over his job as the  permanent number one receiver.

Fantasy Football Fix Week 13

#1. Marion Barber CHI 44 Total yards 0 TD

With Forte being diagnosed with a MCL Sprain, he should be out a minimum of two weeks. With no other alternatives on the roster, Barber should get a lot of carries moving forward.

#2. Toby Gerhart MIN 143 Total yards O TD

Just as I suspected, Gerhart put up solid numbers after getting a full week of practice with the first team. And he put up those numbers against a solid Denver defense. His production should give the Vikings more reason to rest Peterson for another week.

#3.Dan Orlovsky IND 353 Passing yards 2 TD

If you can remember back a couple years, a quarterback by the name of Billy Volek came out of nowhere to produce some crazy fantasy numbers in the playoffs.  With Orlovsky’s cast of wide receivers, he could put up some numbers come playoff time.

#4. Donald Brown IND 56 Total yards 1 TD

That’s now back-to-back weeks of Brown being the Colts top rusher and finding the end zone. If you’re desperate for a running back, he’s not looking like a terrible play.

#5. Christian Ponder MIN 381 Passing yards 3 TD 2 INT

Ponder is more of a player to keep in mind for next season than one to pick up now. Still, the kid is improving every single week. He could be a late pickup that produces upper echelon totals.

Three Trends to Watch

#1. It looks like sticking a fork in Chris Johnson may have been a bit premature.

#2. As a fantasy owner you have to love Tim Tebow. The guy never throws any picks and somehow always manages to get you two touchdowns every week. At this point, I still have no idea where to put him in the QB rankings.

#3. If you’re an owner of players on the Texans, Bengals, or Falcons, get these players in your lineup come playoff time. All face meaty opponents that should allow these players to thrive.

Benson says he would have 1,800 yards if he was still with Bears. Say what?

Cedric Benson on Bears rookie tailback Matt Forte.

“He is having a great year, but when I see the highlights, I see holes,” Benson, now with the Bengals, told writer Thomas George. “I see them using him in the slot, something they didn’t do with me. If I was there right now with the holes I see, I probably would have 1,800 yards. I definitely would have 1,500. I congratulate him on all of his success. He is taking advantage.”

So Benson has 392 yards in his first season with the Bengals. If he was with the Bears he would have nearly 1,400 more yards? Seriously? The man’s career long rush is like 40 yards. I believe Forte broke one longer than that in his first game. Oh and Benson in the slot. What? The man has like 40 catches in his career. Whatever.

Tomorrow the Who Deys attempt to halt their three-game slide against the Washington Redskins, who are struggling as well. Washington has lost four of their last five.  Here are a couple pictures of the First Ladies of Football who are the Redskins cheerleaders …UH YUMP!!!