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Granny Goes Nuts, Attacks News Crew with a Garden Hoe

Cocoa, FL – A WESH 2 News crew came under attack on Monday while investigating a story about two teenagers who were reportedly working at a strip club in Brevard County.

The Playmates Nightclub in Cocoa remains under investigation for allegedly having a 15-year-old and 17-year-old working there in skimpy attire.

The reporter and photographer were looking for one of the teenagers but encountered a furious grandmother instead.

A videotape recorded during the incident showed the grandmother charging the photographer with a garden hoe. One swing landed squarely on the camera.

Nobody was hurt in the attack. Police reviewed the videotape.

The investigation into the situation at the strip club in continuing.

Story is courtesy of WESH2.com in Orlando, FL

Granny is pissed. Think about it. Granny probably wasn’t too excited to find out that her lil’ angels were working down at the local strip joint in the first place. Then the local television crew comes stormin’ her door down, like it’s Normandy or something, and shoves a camera in her face.  No kiddin, Granny is gonna go nuts with a hoe on those reporters just like Ralphie did on Scutt Farkas.