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The Pride of Lions and the Shame of Men

46 Years
409 Wins
24 Bowl Wins
2 National Championships

To 6 men, those numbers meant more than at least 1 boy, 1 child, 1 innocent life. To these 6 men the pride of Penn State was more important than the safety of children. They allowed a monster to roam free. They allowed a monster to destroy. They allowed this to continue by not stopping a predator.

Who are these men,why would they allow this, and why didn’t they do more?
In 2002, a 28 year old Mike McQueary (1) walked in and saw Jerry Sandusky raping a 10 year old boy in a shower at Penn State. Inexplicably, Mike McQueary walked out. He didn’t yell at Sandusky, he didn’t attack Sandusky, he didn’t immediately call the police. A grown adult male saw what was happening and went home and told his father, John McQueary (2). Then the McQueary’s went to Joe Paterno (3) to inform the coach of the actions of Jerry Sandusky. Then Paterno determined the best action was to inform his boss AD Tim Curley (4) and the head of campus police Gary Schultz(5). The course of action by school President Graham Spanier (6) wasn’t to go to the local police, it wasn’t to go to the media and make sure everyone knew who the monster was, it was to tell Jerry Sandusky to not bring children on campus anymore!

These 6 men didn’t do what they were supposed to do. The in-action is a validation that the legacy of a football program meant more than the lives of those ruined by Jerry Sandusky. The legend of Joe Paterno was more important than stopping these heinous crimes. Had these 6 men did the right thing, not only would Joe Paterno have held on to his legacy as great coach, he would have been a real hero in standing up for the innocent. These 6 men would have given people the example of being advocates for victims of sexual abuse. These 6 men would have become a shining light of what to do when faced with the decision of holding on to your pride or doing what’s right. These men did nothing.

“When we stood at childhood’s gate,
Shapeless in the hands of fate,
Thou didst mold us, dear old State,
Dear old State, dear old State.

May no act of ours bring shame…”

These are lyrics of the Penn State alma mater and never have these words meant so much. “Children at the gate shapeless in the hands of fate”…these children are no longer shapeless. These children are wounded because of what was allowed to happen. “May no act of ours bring shame”…No act is what brought shame and for the victims sake I hope they suffer for their lack of action because no punishment will equal the pain these children suffered.

The Pride of these Lions has brought shame upon men.

Read Here to help recognize and prevent child abuse

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  1. msmiller November 12, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    Very good assessment.


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