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Reasons Larry Johnson will be a good fit in Cincinnati

larry_johnsonWith Cedric Benson having a balky hip, the Bengals front office reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with Kansas City Chiefs’ castoff running back Larry Johnson yesterday. While LJ’s talent is undeniable, as evidenced in 2005 and 2006, when he surpassed 1,700 yards each season, his attitude has bordered somewhere between ‘needs improvement’ and ‘spoiled punk.’ With Bengals fans shouting ‘Who Dey’ after their team’s 7-2 start, some think the move to bring in Johnson is a big gamble. Here are five reasons why LJ might just be an ideal fit in the Queens City.

– He can spit on the underage girls at Chris Henry’s house
Chris Henry’s fondness of getting young girls liquored up is well documented, but imagine how much fun the teenagers could have telling their high school friends that LJ spit his Gray Goose right in their face? Johnson’s female issues seemed to get him in trouble in KC, but perhaps chasing some younger muff with the Bengals’ wide receiver will allow him to keep his cool.

Maybe this scene will be coming to Newport on the Levee?

Maybe this scene will be coming to Newport on the Levee?

– Can debate with Cedric Benson on who is more hated by the teams that drafted them
Most think Benson got his revenge against Chicago earlier this year when he torched them for 189 yards. Actually, he got his revenge when he stunk it up for the Bears while collecting a first rounders’ paycheck for three seasons. While LJ did enjoy success early in his career behind an offensive line that featured two future hall-of-famers, he is now hated in the Show-Me state thanks to his recent antics as the Chiefs backslid into mediocrity.

– Prima donna contests with Chad Ochocinco

Throughout their careers, both players have played the role of drama queens better than the chicks on a ‘Real World’ episode. With Chad now keeping his cool, their coming together should make for some entertaining Tweets from both parties.

– Team needs a cancer to derail their good season

With the Bengals on top of the AFC North crossing the halfway point of the season, fans are wondering when the team will implode. While Cincy has sometimes waited until December to have the wheels fall off (see 2006), Johnson may single-handedly drag the team back into the bowels of the AFC where they are most comfortable.

– Cincy plays Kansas City on December 27th
Cedric Benson got to avenge his release from the Bears just a few weeks ago, and Johnson will get the same opportunity against a hapless Cheifs squad two days after Christmas. Perhaps Johnson and Chiefs’ head coach Todd Haley will have a midfield staredown with Johnson pleasantly reminding Haley about plenty of good caddying opportunities available to get back to his golf career if the football coaching gig doesn’t work out.

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