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R.A. Dickey and his high speed knuckler

The National League All-Star starter should be one the games most unique pitchers the game has seen in a long time. R.A. Dickey isn’t just having a good season for a knuckleballer but is having a great season for any pitcher. At 37 Dickey has as many wins,11, as he has had in any one season. He has thrown 3 complete games this season and has thrown back to back one hitters with his baffling 80 mph knuckle magic.

Dickey struggled through years in Texas after being drafted 18th overall in 1996. He was determined to be missing a ligament in his elbow that caused the Rangers great concern. He was still given a chance and made it to bigs in 2001. His career up to this point has been a mixed bag with Minor league success including 2007 Pacific League pitcher of the year and Major League control issues that have included most wild pitches in an inning (4). He spent some time in the Minnesota and Seattle system, including stints in the Majors but never lived up to the lofty draft selection.

In 2010, the New York Mets decided to give him a chance. It has paid off for the Mets and has allowed Dickey to blossom. He has started 72 games and compiled a 30-23 record with a 2.86 E.R.A. Even more staggering is that he is averaging over 6 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched to just over 2 walks, which is very difficult for a knuckle ball pitcher who has shown Rick Ankiel control in the past. His 2012 season has been mind boggling great posting a 11-1 record, an E.R.A. Of 2.00 and over 9 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched. He deserves to be the All-Star starter and I hope he continues his success.


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