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NFL Hopeful Johnthan Banks Says He Can Stop Megatron

If a player makes it into the NFL, they should feel proud of making their way into the league. A good player also has to have a decent amount of confidence, but there is a fine line of being confident and being cocky. This is a lesson NFL draft prospect Johnthan Banks should learn before he starts talking about how he will be a shut down corner.

Banks played at Mississippi State and at the NFL Combine he ran a 4.61 40 yard dash time. His time could possibly drop him out of the first round, but that time does not stop him from thinking he will dominate in the NFL.  In an interview with AL.com Banks gave them his thoughts on the possibility of playing in the NFL. He told them, “I want to go and play right away. I’m not a guy to get over there, want to sit on the sideline. I want to step in Day 1 and be a starter.”

There is nothing wrong with that since he wants to prove his worth and is eager to play right away. The next comment was where he starts to put his foot in his mouth.

Banks went on to say, “I think I can play against anybody. I can own anybody. I think I can cover Megatron.”  Did he really just say he can cover Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson? First Banks needs to get into the NFL before he can become a shutdown corner. Second if he watched any Lions games he would see that covering Johnson is a daunting task.

If I was Johnthan Banks I would ease up on the tough talk until I at least get drafted. It would be funny if he gets drafted by the Packers, Vikings, or Bears and would have to play the Lions twice every season. Granted he has to make get drafted first and earn a starting role before a Megatron Banks matchup takes place. Oh by the way, this past season saw Calvin Johnson break the NFL record for receiving yards in a season. Good luck with that Banks!

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