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More Injuries Pile Up For The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees seem to be catching the wrong type of breaks. This Spring Training has not been that kind to New York. Last night their woes continue as Mark Teixeira looks to miss two weeks from suffering a wrist injury in the batting cages. Teixeira was set to play in the World Baseball Classic, but now will bow out of the series due to the injury.

Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman weighed in on latest injury for New York, “We are obviously worried about him because wrists are very unpredictable. Even if we can get a positive diagnosis back, which, of course, we are going to hope for. That still doesn’t mean you are out of the woods.”

Mark will be traveling to New York to be checked out by the Yankees medical staff.

“I was kind of shocked. He was taking swings in the cage and felt something. It was in his hand or wrist. I’m sure there will be more tests,” said Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

Earlier in Spring Training New York saw Curtis Granderson suffer an injury that will sideline him for about a month.  Plus last season Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera got injured but are doing well with their respective rehabs. Alex Rodriguez is still out recovering from surgery, which was why the Yankees signed Kevin Youkilis to the team to play at third base

To add on top of that Ichiro Suzuki was in a car accident on this past weekend. Luckily for his sake and the team he did not get injured.  One of the major issues that the Yankees were dealing with is that most of the team is getting up there in baseball years and staying healthy is much more of an issue now. With all these injuries piling up, the Yankees are looking for a quick recovery especially from Granderson and Teixeira to try and have a decent roster to compete in the AL East.

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