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In Aftermath of US Stunner, Algeria Player Slaps Female Reporter

After seemingly playing for a tie at a time when it would do them no good in advancing to the knockout phase of the World Cup, Algeria was not so gracious in defeat.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Rafik Saifi slapped a female reporter, Asma Halimi, from his homeland across the face. The slap apparently came with no verbal provocation and drew a response from the reporter without hesitation. Halimi quickly delivered a counterstrike, drawing blood on the lip of the player with her fingernail.

Stay classy Algeria.

The ridiculousness of this situation is amazing to me. So we have a really angry player, having failed in his attempts to prevent the US from advancing continue his country’s World Cup dream, who sees a reporter with whom he apparently has a contentious history. He goes over to her without exchanging a single word and slaps the reporter across the face…and it’s a woman!!!

However, the most surprising part of the story to me is that the player, after being hit back by the reporter, tossed a bottle at the wall in anger instead of falling to the ground, clutching his face in agony. That definitely would have been a straight red card for the reporter if he had.

By the way, how awesome was that game? All hoped look lost, then all of a sudden Tim Howard makes a save and launches a quick counter attack, Jozy Altidore caps off a great performance by putting a dangerous ball across the middle. Clint Dempsey almost scored (he could have had a hat trick today), but Landon Donovan gets redemption for what, in my estimation, was a pretty poor performance today, by hammering home the rebound.

What a moment for the US and I cannot wait for Saturday when the US plays in the round of 16 against a team yet to be determined (if results in the current games hold, it would be Ghana).

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