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Strait Talk: Louisville big NSD loser? POY from South Dakota State?

We are back with Strait Talk and our buddy from the north Indiana Vince is fired up…and I’m sensing a little anger after another Indiana loss.


With another National Signing Day in the books, big winners and losers?

Indiana Vince
I believe Ohio State did well this year. Urban is building a winner and added a great defensive back in Vonn Bell he also beefed up his running core which wasn’t horrible to begin with. Coming off a bowl win it looks like Louisville thinks they can just coast through the next year. I don’t know if they signed one winner.


Urban Meyer is the worst thing that could happen to the Big1G…not because he will do bad, but because now the conference will have to face a SEC type team on a regular basis. Last year he was 12-0…now he’s getting his SEC caliber players. Ohio State will be the wrecking ball of conference for years to come and the entire league will suffer. As far as Louisville is concerned they signed a top 10 WR in James Quick and return a nearly intact Sugar Bowl Champion!

Another #1 and another loss…whose next?

People have been saying there are no truly great teams for the last couple of years, and this is the first year I completely agree. I think 20 teams could make the Final Four depending on draw and I couldn’t make an educated decision on a favorite for the title. It’s an interesting season and should make for an extremely exciting and upset filled tourney.


Indiana Vince
Play to the buzzer. Why is it that #1 teams aren’t doing it? Talent alone can’t win games(well not most games), you have to play to the buzzer as a team no matter where you’re ranked. It will probably be Floridas turn at the top spot and then come Tuesday Kentucky will try to start salvaging their year with a big upset.

Less than a month left in the regular season, give us the 4 top P.O.Y. nominees

Miles Plumlee – Duke
Doug McDermott- Creighton
Stan Okoye- VMI
Isaiah Caanan- Murray State

Indiana Vince
Doug McDermott- Creighton
Mike Muscala- Bucknell
Nate Wolters- South Dakota State
Isaiah Canaan- Murray State


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