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Marshall Henderson vs. Auburn fans


While some of you will look at this and shake your head in disgust, others will find the reactions to be hilarious. I’m not sure I’ve seen a player this cocky since Joakim Noah when he played for Florida, but this Marshall Henderson guy is off his rocker just a little. To his credit, he is lighting up the SEC and leading the charge for Ole Miss to be the top team in the conference. After sinking a couple of game sealing free-throws, he ran over to the Auburn faithful and starts popping that jersey. Notice the older guy stand up and confront him. Watch the guy farthest to the right with a huge grin on his face the whole time. Maybe you’ll notice the huge cardboard cut out being thrown at Henderson, but landing on a poor little blonde co-ed in the top corner. Whatever your favorite moment is, comment or send a tweet to @BrianLewisSP and tell me!


It’s hard to imagine that Billy Gillispie would cut this guy from Texas Tech, eh?



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