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Breaking: No Kragthorpe press conference today

With all the rumors and speculation running rampant, mainly on Louisville message boards, the Pinkie crew finally had enough. About an hour ago, we had friend of the Pinkie, SLC, call the Louisville athletic office to try to find out if anything was on the horizon. SLC reached the offices of football SID Rocco Gasparro and asked the receptionist point blank, “Will there be a football press conference today?” The man thought for a second, then responded with, “I’m not sure.”

1:20 pm update – SLC has spoken with Louisville football SID Rocco Gasparro and there will be no press conference outside of the regularly scheduled press conferences. Gasparro is aware of all the speculation and informed us nothing is happening. However, Gasparro did want it to be known there was no meeting between Coach Kragthorpe and athletic director Tom Jurich. So there you have it.

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