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‘Glitch’ caused Louisville to not make ESPN the Magazine’s top 65; should have been 29th

Earlier this week, we posted an article about Louisville being excluded from ESPN the Magazine’s top 65 teams and how that made no sense. Well, we now have an explanation courtesy of the most accurate and informative news source these days, Twitter.

On Pat Forde’s Twitter page, in response to a query from some dude with the Twitter name MelGibsonIII, Forde says he asked about that and was told there was a ‘glitch’ and Louisville was supposed to be ranked 29th. So there you go Cardinal fans, we were not intentionally left off the list.

The question now remains who was responsible for the mistake of leaving us out of the ranking? I’m not sure, some top suspects would have to be John Calipari, Karen Sypher, or perhaps even Slick Rick himself as a means to motivate his squad. However,┬ádevout Pinkie follower SLC has informed us who the real responsible party is for this mistake, and his name is Steve Kragthorpe.

krags Glitch caused Louisville to not make ESPN the Magazines top 65; should have been 29th

Just kidding Koach, not really your fault