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Fab Melo to Syracuse; WTF?!?!?

Big time recruit Fab Melo committed to the Syracuse Orange today according to various media reports. The big Brazilian was thought to be a Louisville lean up until last week. With this news, MY. DAY. IS. OFFICIALLY. A. WASTE. Who knows how much work I could have gotten done by not having to spend time posting updates about tweets from Syracuse, New York radio hosts?

disappointed Fab Melo to Syracuse; WTF?!?!?

I direct this at you Fab

Actually, it would not have mattered seeing as how I most certainly would have found other ways to occupy my time not working. However, this day has instantly improved because I literally just heard this phrase uttered from one attractive female coworker to another attractive female coworker, “How did you pull it out? Wasn’t it stuck?”

lou Fab Melo to Syracuse; WTF?!?!?

Sweet Lou doesn't get it

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