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Could Louisville jump to ACC early?

The Catholic 7 in Big East basketball revealed this week that they planned on leaving the conference after this season and taking their name with them.  Which leaves almost everyone who will be around next year in a panic.

Many people are saying that Louisville will stick around for football in the Big East next season and that is not a negotiable topic.  But many are saying that the Cards may be able to join the ACC for basketball a year early due to the breaking down of the conference.  Louisville has said that they were going to stick around and play out the contract that they had previously made with the Big East.  But with all this going down, is the integrity of sticking around worth it?

The only teams that are really going to be around next year in the “Big East” or whatever they are going to call it, is going to be Connecticut, Memphis and Cincinnati.  Then the newcomers like UCF, Tulane, SMU, etc. will be there but lets be honest…they aren’t going to be much competition.  The Big East as we know it is over and it is never coming back.  So what is the point of fulfilling a promise if nobody else is fulfilling theirs too?

It is time for Tom Jurich to go to work and try to figure out how to get into the ACC next winter for basketball.  Another option is to play one season with the Catholic 7 in their new conference.  But the 7 are looking to add Xavier and Butler to their conference so who knows whether they would even want a one and done team in with them.

The state of conferences in college athletics right now is a mess and it’s all about where the money is.  Next season…there will be no money in the “Big East” and there will also be no competition.  I couldn’t imagine being a Uconn or Cincinnati fan right now and having to deal with not having a conference to go to…so I guess that is a silver lining.


If I had to guess, I would say that Louisville will be stuck in the dismal “Big East” next season.  I have no clue what the contract says with the Big East and U of L but I am guessing the people who wrote it are pretty smart and sealed it pretty well.  I also think that with the renovations that Cincinnati is doing right now..they will find a way to get into the ACC sometime in the future.

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