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Clint Hurtt in trouble with NCAA

Last year Louisville’s associate head coach, defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator was named in the scandal that sent Nevin Shapiro to jail and the Miami Hurricanes to, more than likely, a major penalty by the NCAA. Not only was Clint Hurtt named in the scandal, but he played a major role in “woo-ing” the recruits by making sure that they got to Shapiro’s parties and yachts. And according to CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman, the NCAA has contacted Hurtt and is prepared to level him with penalties.

Charlie Strong has continuously backed Hurtt and said that his job was safe at Louisville. But with NCAA sanctions soon coming down it could be time for Strong to re-evaluate the employment of Hurtt. Clint Hurtt has done wonders for the University of Louisville as far as bringing in recruits and bringing them back to prominance. But as long as Hurtt is here, Louisville will always be under close watch and scrutiny because of Hurtt’s past job’s.

The major accusation against Hurtt that linked him to Nevin Shapiro was that Hurtt hosted dinner parties at his house for recruits while Shapiro would give him the money to do so. To be clear, Hurtt is not accused or suspected of doing anything against the rules while at UofL (unless you talk to Kentucky fans).

This was all brought back up today because former Miami head basketball coach, now Missouri head basketball coach, Frank Haith, was citied for major sanctions by the NCAA and is now under investigation. Haith is facing allegations of “unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance.”

I would love for Hurtt to stay at Louisville and continue to pull in the recruits, but according to sources the NCAA is “throwing the book” at Hurtt and many of the people involved in the Miami scandal are naming him as the main culprit. Who knows how much of a penalty Hurtt will have to face and if he will even be allowed to serve on the Louisville coaching staff.

It should be interesting to see how the rest of this plays out, but don’t be surprised to see Hurtt out of a job in the following weeks.

Hurtt was named ESPN’s recruiter of the year in 2011.


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  1. Will January 22, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    …and Penn State received what kind of penalties? The NCAA seems to be all over the place. Thinking how they destroyed SMU, hard on FSU for cheating, went easy on Penn State, easy on DUKE/North Carolina, hard on recruiting. Very hit & miss.

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