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C-J: Pitino told police of consensual sex, abortion with Karen Sypher

Today the Courier-Journal finally put in writing what many have suspected about the Rick Pitino-Karen Sypher case.

Rick Pitino reportedly told police that he and Sypher had consensual sex at Porcini’s. Sypher contends that she was raped, but a witness corroborates Pitino’s story. Pitino also said that he paid $3,000 for an abortion of the pregnancy that resulted from the encounter.

The Courier-Journal report also confirms another belief that many have held for a long time: that Karen Sypher’s claims against Pitino have a lot of holes and inconsistencies.

While the story does not exactly cast Pitino in a wholesome light, there is absolutely no reason to think he is in any trouble from a legal standpoint.

I’m sure Carl H or Miller will have some thoughts on this news from a UofL perspective.


Rick Pitino likes women. I don’t blame him. They are stunning inventions. This story has zero effect on Rick Pitino’s coaching abilities. I don’t think there was anyone out there that didn’t think Slick Rick railed Sypher. I’ve said all along I don’t care about this because it is his personal life and I have no business bein’ “all up in it”. That said, hopefully now that the facts are out this can all go away.


Actually, I think we should care and do have a right to know.

I demand Slick Rick release the times and dates of every sexual encounter he’s ever had, along with the girls’ names and photos.

I think the public deserves to know what position did Sypher take the Slick Rick Disco Stick??

Who was the first to teach him that though the Dove is the bird of peace and love, the bird of true love is the ’swallow’??

Who was the first girl that he finger-banged??


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