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Samardo Samuels Also an Option for the Washington Wizards

By this point, all suspense regarding who the Wizards will select with the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft is gone. John Wall is going to Washington and that’s all there is to it.

However, the Wizards still have plenty to think about as the draft approaches tonight. Washington also holds the 30th and 35th picks in the draft. A week or so ago, it didn’t look like any of the four other UK prospects would be in play there, but with Daniel Orton’s recent troubles, there’s an outside shot he falls there.

Additionally, another local prospect is on the Wizards’ radar: good ol’ Samardo Samuels. Understandably, UofL fans aren’t exactly watching Samuels stock with bated breath as they did last year with lottery picks Earl Clark and Terrence Williams.

Samardo worked out for the Wizards on Monday of this week and our friends over at Truth About It were quite tickled by the relationship between Samuels and Wizards big man Andray Blatche when they profiled the former UofL big man:

I’ll let you finish laughing …

Yes. ‘Our’ Andray Blatche has an understudy.

Caught you snickering again, didn’t I?

Okay, Samardo Samuels didn’t use the word, “understudy” in his post-workout interview. Nonetheless, he and Andray Blatche go back via the NY/NJ AAU circuit. Last summer, the two hung out a bunch, worked on some post moves — {a record scratches to a halt} — Gah!?! Post moves?! With Dray?

That’s what the man said. Samardo also called his buddy Andray the “funniest guy in the world.”

Peas in a pod? Who knows.

Samuels may be a bit of a stretch even at 35, but his stock is certainly in better shape than I thought it would be at this point.  He’s got a legitimate chance of getting picked in the mid-second round, which would be big for him.  It would be quite an interesting twist of fate if Samuels and John Wall ended up being drafted by the same team though.

Even though it would give UK and UofL fans something in common, I’m not wholly convinced it would bring us any closer together.

On another note, there is one rumor out there on draft night that I would like to play out more than any other. Boston is said to be shopping Kendrick Perkins along with its 19th pick for a pick in the top half of the lottery. With minimal depth at center behind Perkins, you would have to think the C’s would look to pick up a center with the pick they would acquire.

If the Celtics can move up to the fifth pick or better, DeMarcus Cousins would be very much in play. For my money, Boston would be a phenomenal landing spot for Boogie. First of all, think how many layups and dunks he’ll convert on passes from Rondo, opportunities that Perkins repeatedly botched with his pump fakes and taking 10 seconds to prepare to jump. Second, I can’t imagine a better front court mate than Kevin Garnett for someone with a questionable work ethic.

The Celtics would certainly become the default favorite team of most ‘Cats fans if they pulled it off.

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