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New Bracketology Released; Cards, Cats in Same Region


The mad scientist Joe Lunardi, who we can safely say most likely does not still live in his parents’ basement, has released his newest bracketology for the 2010 NCAA Tournament. The results are highly intriguing.

Last week, Lunardi had Louisville an 11 seed and Kentucky a 1 seed. Today, Lunardi has the Cards jumping to a 9 seed and the Cats still holding a 1 seed. The intriguing part is the fact our squads are projected to be in the same region, which means if both squads win their opening game, they will meet in the second round.

The current projection would have both squads in East region (Syracuse) with (9) Louisville taking on (8) Clemson and (1) Kentucky taking on the winner of the play-in game.

The last time these two awesome squads met was in the NCAA Tournament was the famous Dream Game in the 1983 Mideast Region final, which the Cards won 80-68. As we all know, this type of heated rivalry is just the type of game the NCAA Selection Committee salivates over.

As of today, Lunardi has the four 1 seeds as Kansas, Kentucky, Purdue, and Syracuse. He also has Kansas State, Villanova, West Virginia, and Duke as 2 seeds. Lunardi projects the Big East to grab seven bids and the SEC to nab four.

However, before we all get too excited, let’s remember there are still two weeks left in the regular season, not to mention the conference tournaments, and so much can still happen.

I personally believe Louisville will not stay on the 8-9 line which will eliminate a second round match-up between these two. Regardless, it’s fun to think about a rematch in the Big Dance.

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