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Meet a New 2010 Kentucky Prospect: Marcus Thornton

A coach needs to talk to a LOT of prospects to give away 6-7 scholarships to quality player in any given class. That’s exactly the situation facing John Calipari right now.

Accordingly, John Calipari has reached out to Marcus Thornton, a 6-7 forward out of Georgia who recently was released from his LOI when Oliver Purnell left Clemson for DePaul. Thornton is rated as a three star prospect by both Scout and Rivals.  Calipari has not yet offered a scholarship, but here is what Thornton’s family has to say:

•Kentucky’s Calipari: “He is a very impressive. He talked to us about what has transpired at Kentucky, and that he has eight people leaving (five underclassmen declaring for the NBA Draft, and three graduating seniors). He has some definite personnel needs. (Calipari) said he has to be able to recruit people who can hit the floor right away. He was using the term ‘He can’t hide them (any incoming recruits)’ because anyone that comes there is going to have to be a contributor. But he has a lot of people to choose from, I’m sure.” (Note: Kentucky has yet to offer, but Calipari requested in-home visit with Thornton later this month).

Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Alabama will be in the running, but if an offer from Cal is in the cards for Thornton, it will be difficult to pass up. Thornton, Georgia’s Mr. Basketball, figures to play both forward positions at the next level.

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  1. Machiavelli April 14, 2010 at 7:12 am #


    Cal is one character,

    Kentucky’s Calipari: “He is a very impressive. He talked to us about what has transpired at Kentucky

    I wonder did he talk to them about what transpired at Memphis? What gets me, Clemson coach left after signing the young man. Cal left Memphis after signing the biggest class in NCAA history, what makes anyone think they can trust the man?

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