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Jodie Meeks still without first round commitment in Draft?

At this point I’m searching for every little bit of information I can find about Jodie Meeks decision to stay in the NBA Draft or return to UK for his senior year. I found this thanks to Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog.

Next week’s early-entry deadline, which will likely see players such as Jodie Meeks and Tyler Smith return to school, while others remain on the fence.

and this…

Jodie Meeks and Tyler Smith are expected to pull out of the class – both players were seeking a first round commitment and neither have gotten it.

It’s interesting that these two separate sources both weigh in and say that Jodie Meeks is likely to pull out of the Draft. It’s also interesting that both separate sources group Meeks with Tyler Smith.

Toward the end of last week, I was pretty much resigned to the fact that Jodie was gone, but information like this has made me waver just a bit. Consensus among the Kentucky media has pointed toward Meeks staying the Draft over the past weeks, but that sentiment has not really translated to the national media.

I’m really not sure whom to believe at this point. Local media is likely more in tune with the Meeks camp, but the national media probably is better tuned in with NBA teams and scouts. A decision is not far off on this. Jodie has to decide by 5 pm next Monday and has said he will make a decision before the deadline. Stay tuned, because we could hear something any time now.

**UPDATE – Jodie Meeks will work out for the Chicago Bulls on Thursday, so I wouldn’t expect any decision any time before then.**

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3 Responses to “Jodie Meeks still without first round commitment in Draft?”

  1. Tyranny June 9, 2009 at 6:45 am #

    You’re like Jimmy Buffet’s favorite footwear.

    Understandably so, though. It’s really hard to gauge how this is all going to turn out. On one hand you have UK faithful that is listening to what Jodie says and taking away what they will – which is that he’s likely to stay in the draft. It’s hard to think that a team wouldn’t recognize his potential.

    On the other hand you have “all the others” who are not really listening to Jodie, but only hear what he’s saying. He hasn’t received a commitment so they think he’s likely to withdraw.

    If he’s going to stay in the draft he’s going to have to impress the Bulls this week and take away a verbal from one of those franchises. Let’s hope whatever they tell him – it’s truthful.

  2. Guy June 9, 2009 at 6:57 am #

    I am really worried about some reader, when this is all over, going back to all my posts about Jodie Meeks and the Draft and compiling quotes from me about what I think he will do. It would make me look BAD.

    At this point, Jodie just really has not made a decision. I think it’s accurate to say he wants to go pro, but he’s a great, smart kid with good people around him who really care about his future. Regardless of what he “wants” to do, I think he’s going to make th right decision for his future. I think it could go either way at this point.

    Whatever happens, Jodie Meeks deserves the best and I will always suppport him.


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