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Dwight Perry, Matt Scherbenske react to being cut

Dwight Perry and Matt Scherbenske both have Twitter accounts and yesterday each used theirs to give their reactions to John Calipari’s decision to cut three of the four walkons left on the UK roster. Here’s what they had to say:

Dwight Perry

Thanks to the whole big blue nation for the support over the past 3yrs..this has been a great experience that I will be forever greatful for

Just got eating with some family friends…they been with me since I got to lex…def made the transition easier

Night out on the town one more time…one last horrah if u will lol

Just got on the road, on my way back to the BULL

Everytime I hit the ground I bounce up like roundball

Matt Scherbenske

sometimes God works in mysterious ways…thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement..you guys are the best

This really is a pretty tough situation for these two kids. Both Perry’s and Scherbenske’s life has been largely centered around basketball for years, and they thought they had some time left to keep playing the game they love, even if they weren’t going to get anything more than mop up duty. We all wish them the best.

Adam Delph is said to be talking to Asbury, Georgetown College and Kentucky Wesleyan.

One other quick note. Patrick Patterson and Daniel Orton about 30 minutes in to their last day of workouts in San Francisco. They will head back to Lexington soon after and the 2009-2010 Kentucky Wildcats will finally be together in the Bluegrass.

I’m guessing those pickup games are going to get a slight bump in intensity with the return of Patrick Patterson. There are going to be some battles in the post between the three big men.

By the way, below is part two of the 9 minute pickup game video that came out early this week. I realized I had not yet posted it. This one is not quite as exciting, but Wall and Cousins both show some range on the J and John Wall continues to show his penchant for turning basically any play on the basketball court into a YouTube moment at the 2:30 mark.

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