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Billy G needs some beer money, selling UK gear on Craigslist

All authentic UK gear of Coach G various new and used items. Nike Shirts, Nike warmups, uk wool letter jacket, t-shirts, shorts, cutter and buck, and much more. Sizes range from xl to xxl. Prices vary – all his personal issued gear from uk.

Here’s the listing

According to AllKYhoops.com, this is the real deal. Gillispie did not post the listing himself, rather an assistant did it for him.

I guess Gillispie doesn’t have much income rolling in at this point and he doesn’t want to be seen walking around Nowhereville, Texas in his UK blue, so he’s taken to Craigslist to pawn it off on some UK fans who want to be constantly reminded of his disastrous tenure or want to have a conversation starter of a wardrobe.

No word on whether Gillispie will accept Two Keys gift certificates as payment now that he no longer lives in Lexington.

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