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Micro Pigs! The Latest Tiny, Trendy Pet

00pig 499x387 Micro Pigs! The Latest Tiny, Trendy Pet

Over in England (and in some locales in the USA) they are breeding these little beasties called Micro Pigs, and the trend appears to be catching on. Apparently Posh Spice bought two for her hubby, David Beckham, for Christmas. Paris Hilton is rumored to have her a little porky.

According to Jane Croft, a breeder at the Little Pig Farm in Christ Church, Cambridgeshire, England, a micro-pig is the perfect pet. “They are so intelligent, and they are so much fun,” she says. “They will lay with you in the evening and watch TV, they love their belly scratched and they are very, very loving.”

I’ll bet they are Jane.

I’m gonna recommend everyone just stick with the awesomeness that are dogs, but if you do feel a hankerin’ to get you a Micro-Pig, know they don’t come cheap. A well-bred micro-pig runs as much as $1,200. But according to the article, the upsides are you get a companion that can live up to 19 years and will not require much exercise, as too much exercise can give pigs arthritis…. Who knew??

For the full write-up on these magical beasts, go HERE.

pigs mini pets 499x387 Micro Pigs! The Latest Tiny, Trendy Pet