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Kentucky’s Best Kept Secret: Ernie Brown Jr. aka The Turtle Man

I think it goes without saying that Ernie is the greatest turtle hunter to ever roam the murky, snapping-turtle infested waters of Kentucky or any state for that matter. Watch as “The Turtle Man” runs full speed ahead, caution to the wind, and dives right in – - reaching blindly in hopes of snagging him the tail end of this sharp beaked beast. SIMPLY UNCOUTH!!!

And what a role model for youth everywhere. Mr. Brown Jr. doesn’t drink, do drugs, smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco. Turtle huntin’ is his hobby and you “can’t ask for no better”.

The “Rebel Indian Yell”…. “I ain’t got no horn, so that’s the way I do it”…. “It just ain’t for football, the Gatorade is for The Turtle Man”…. wow. simply, wow…. Five minutes and 37 seconds of pure AWESOME!!!

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