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Erin Andrews shares awkward with 50 Cent

During live sporting events there is that chance that something unexpected will happen. You can have fans trying to get make their presence felt during a post game interview or a player makes a ridiculous comment about the game or another player. Then there are times where someone completely steals the spotlight on an unsuspecting sideline reporter.

The latter happened to FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews today at the Daytona 500. Erin was looking to interview Danica Patrick as she was walking in the pits. Andrews doesn’t find Patrick, but runs into 50 Cent of all people. At first Andrews is excited to see a celebrity in pit road, but after 50 goes in for a kiss Erin wished she didn’t call out the rapper.

What makes the meeting more awkward is that 50 Cent starts to follow Andrews as she continues to find Danica. For those who did not see the video, enjoy!

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