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Kelsi Reich…UH YUMP!!!

The Twitter and football world was set ablaze on Sunday when Buffalo Bills receiver David Nelson scored a touchdown and then proceeded to track his girlfriend, and Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Kelsi Reich down and give her the ball. He was on Sportscenter Monday and didn’t flinch when Mike (of Mike and Mike) asked him if they may trade the the football for a diamond ring. Should the unthinkable happen, and it’s 1992/1993 all over again and the Bills and Cowboys make it back to the Super Bowl – AND Nelson gets in the endzone again… we may have the makings of the greatest proposal in the history of sports and maybe the world. Also, I wonder if she is related to the Bills former QB Frank Reich, who led “The Comeback”, the largest in NFL history when Buffalo stormed back from 32 down to the Houston Oilers in the playoffs on January 3rd, 1993. Anyways, Kelsi Reich, Uh YUMP!!!

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