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Amanda Corey…UH YUMP!!!

Today’s Yump was a Hawaiian Tropic model and was one half of the winning couple on Season Five of The CW’s social experiment Beauty And The Geek. She was partnered with ‘sweater vest enthusiast’ Tommy Severo. She soon after appeared in Playboy, and has also competed in the Hooters’ Swimsuit Pageant (see video below…). And be sure to peep the final photog (sorta NSFW) in the gallery, courtesy of her MySpace page. Amanda Corey, UH YUMP!!

018 500x391 Amanda Corey...UH YUMP!!!028 500x750 Amanda Corey...UH YUMP!!!038 Amanda Corey...UH YUMP!!!047 Amanda Corey...UH YUMP!!!058 500x750 Amanda Corey...UH YUMP!!!068 500x613 Amanda Corey...UH YUMP!!!

Hooters Swimsuit Pageant – Amanda Corey