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Yump Madness Tourney – First Round

We’re under way. Vote for your favorite Local Yump! and help her through to the next round; one step closer to $200 and the worldwide fame that will come with being the 2010 Straitpinkie.com Yump of the Year!

Check out the first round competitor’s full interviews and galleries below by clicking their name, then make a decision for once in your life and just vote! You can vote once an hour so keep comin’ back.

First Round Voting comes to a close on Monday at 8 p.m. We will start the first two quarterfinals next Tuesday.

First Round Match #1 – Christine vs. Rachel


Christine just moved to the Derby City from the land of cheese, also known as Wisconsin. She’s a Badger fan, but if forced to pick between the Cats and Cards, she’d take the Cards. She doesn’t really like bread. She absolutely loves Road Runner cartoons. She doesn’t have tattoos. If she could have a super power it would be invisibility. Drinks anything she can get her hands on. Loves eating at Denny’s at four in the a.m.



Rachel is a former U of L cheerleader, so of course she’s a Cards fan. Her all-time favorite player is the turned rapper L-Dubb, aka Luke Whitehead. She loves Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine. She has three tattoos. Wishes she could fly. Her fridge only consists of vodka, beer and condiments. Wishes she lived in the 1970’s. And loves White Castles at night.

First Round Match #2 – Amber vs. Kharina


Amber is a Cards fan and went old school on us by naming Chris Redman as her favorite player. Loves duh duh duh duh Inspector Gadget. Would like to go back in time to 1955 when James Dean died. Makes her very own blueberry jam and claims strait deliciousness. Loves Ace Ventura. Is not a fan of people that think she’s stupid because she looks innocent.



Kharina is big time Cards fan. Can squad up and do 90 girl push-ups, but can only do 10 regular ones. Isn’t tatted up, “would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”. Likes the funny dudes. Is not a big beer drinker, but likes her some mixed drinks. At four in the a.m. she hitting up the White Castle. Watches Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen channel.

First Round Match #3 – Olivia vs. Taylora


Olivia is a student at the University of Louisville and bleeds red. Pinkie favorite T-Will is her favorite player. She’s an aspiring musician and played at the recent HullabaLOU Festival. She likes a guy with a good smile. She’s never seen Dumb and Dumber. Growing up she watched Barney every morning. If she’s looking for some late night grub, she tends to hit up either Waffle House or Denny’s. Brussel sprouts are one of her favorite foods, at least when mom cooks them.



She’s not a big football or basketball girl, but would pick the ‘Cats over the Cards. One time John Wall liked a facebook page she created, so he’s her favorite. She likes NASCAR so much that it’s a little bit unhealthy. She loves all of the old Nickelodeon cartoons. Wants a tattoo that says “love life”, but doesn’t think it will look good when she’s 40. If she could have a super power it would be invisibility or super speed. Goes to a place called Pats to eat some late night grub because it’s the only place open in Manchester.

First Round Match #4 – Reanna vs. Megan


Reanna is a big time Cats fan and her favorite player is John Wall. You better floss and brush well, because the first thing she notices in a guy is his teeth. She can do an impressive 50 push-ups. Was a big G.I. Joe fan growing up. She’s a strait beer drinker and doesn’t have a problem with dancing on the bar. She’s hitting up Taco Bell with the chihuahua at four in the morning and develops some taco neck syndrome. Her favorite animals are snakes.



Megan went to both UK and U of L, but graduated from Louisville so she pulls for them. Rugrats was her favorite cartoon growing up. She has two very tiny tattoos. She wishes she had the ability to know what people are thinking. She’s already seen the past so if given the choice she would prefer to travel 15 years into the future. IHOP is her spot at four in the morn’. She loves reduced fat Cheez-Its so much that she considers them a food group. You’ve got your meats, veggies and cheez-its.

4 Responses to “Yump Madness Tourney – First Round”

  1. hmmm.. September 1, 2010 at 7:39 am #

    Not so tough if you consider who is the real local! But yes both beautiful women…yet Rachel is HOTT and used to cheer on our Cards!! Come on..And I’m a Cats fan!

  2. gary September 1, 2010 at 9:00 am #

    Kharina is the best looking smile of them all…

  3. LMAO September 4, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    Photoshop works wonders huh Reibal… :)


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