Mon, 27 Apr 2015 06:10:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 J.J. Hysell talks Derby with Nick and Nick on the V Show Fri, 24 Apr 2015 15:13:06 +0000 J.J. Hysell Horse Racing

J.J. Hysell is the best in the business when it comes to handicapping horse racing. She joins Nick and Nick on The V Show for an early look at the Kentucky Derby field and reveals her favorite and some potential horses that could help you make some money on the first Saturday in May.

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Sunday Morning Hangover – 4/19/15 Sun, 19 Apr 2015 15:17:07 +0000 straitpinkiepod640 copy

Nick and Nick were in studio to talk about the weekend in sports and Thunder Over Louisville. They were joined by Horse racing handicapper J.J Hysell for an eary look at the Kentucky Derby. They end the show with a little “What Else is Going On”.

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The V Show – 4/17/15 Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:18:57 +0000 straitpinkiepod640 copy

Andy Sweeney steps in to host the V Show. In hour two, Andy was joined by Nick Evans (@straitpinkie) of the Sunday Morning Hangover to talk the NBA playoffs, Johnny Manziel and more. Andy also talked the quarterback competitions at UK and Louisville and Adrian Peterson’s future in the NFL.

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Sunday Morning Hangover – 4/12/15 Mon, 13 Apr 2015 16:03:10 +0000 straitpinkiepod640 copy

Nick and Nick were live at Louisville Slugger Field to talk Masters, basketball, NBA and more. They were also joined by the voice of What Else is Going On Matt Andrews.

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Sunday Morning Hangover – 4/5/15 Tue, 07 Apr 2015 14:40:11 +0000 straitpinkiepod640 copy

Nick and Nick were alone in studio to talk the Final Four and the instant classic that was UK vs. Wisconsin.

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The Joke is on us – Southern Comfort Drones will have to wait Thu, 02 Apr 2015 02:16:49 +0000 It was too good to be true. That whole laying out by the pool thing and having a drone drop off a bottle of Caramel Comfort to you, well that’s going to have to wait. It was simply an April Fool’s Joke by the fine folks at Southern Comfort.


Don’t put that dream away, though. One day you’ll be able to fully sloth it up and still get your hands on a bottle of SoCo.

But, the good news is that Caramel Comfort is real. And it’s delicious and available now!

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Southern Comfort Announces Rollout of SoCo2Go Drone Delivery Service Wed, 01 Apr 2015 15:38:56 +0000 soco2go

Holy crap! Southern Comfort is fully prepared to jump into the future and will become the first beverage company to transport products via automated skyway.

Can you imagine chilling by the pool and just ordering a bottle of their all-new Caramel Comfort? Five minutes later you look up and a drone just drops it in your lap. Well, that is getting ready to be a reality.

Here’s the full release from Southern Comfort.

(Louisville, Ky.) – March 31, 2015 – Southern Comfort® announces the rollout of its new delivery service utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, to deliver its popular line of iconic beverages to thirsty customers in select markets nationwide, beginning with the all-new Caramel Comfort. Beginning today, customers have the opportunity to lobby for their city to be added to the list of test markets via an online voting system.

This automated, futuristic service comes after four years of proprietary research and development, planning, perfecting and securing the correct permits and air space clearance for successful deliveries. While other high-profile companies also are pursuing coveted drone technology services, Southern Comfort has jumped to the front of the pack seemingly overnight. In addition, Southern Comfort has steered clear of many issues commonly associated with drone technology such as battery life, storage capacity and weight specifications, and has mastered the art of seamless delivery each time, with a 96 percent success rate during trial testing.

How did they do it? The answer is simple: Southern Comfort’s products are relatively light in weight, even though they’re big on taste – the perfect combination for easy and fast drone delivery. The new Caramel Comfort ($16.99/750mL), which is the first product available with SoCo 2GO: Drone Delivery, weighs in at a flight-ready mass of three pounds.

“What better way to elevate the comfort and convenience of our products than with drone deliveries, which bring our new Caramel Comfort straight to you,” said Jennifer Powell, Southern Comfort Brand Director. “The future is here. The future is now. And frankly, the future is delicious.”

SoCo 2GO: Drone Delivery is now available to those 21+ in select markets, before a nationwide rollout in late 2015. To see exclusive videos, learn more about SoCo 2GO: Drone Delivery and request availability in your area, visit Join the conversation #SoCo2GO, and follow Southern Comfort on Twitter for real-time updates as the program takes off this week.

How amazing is this?!?!? And while it may not be warm enough to chill by the pool, just yet. Southern Comfort’s #SoCo2Go is here just in time for the Final Four. So this weekend when you’re pulling on the Cats against the Badgers and run out of your favorite drink, you know exactly what to do – and it’s delicious.

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Sunday Morning Hangover – 3/29/15 Mon, 30 Mar 2015 15:21:55 +0000 straitpinkiepod640 copy

Nick and Nick talk UK’s win over Notre Dame and preview U of L vs. Michigan State.

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1890 World Series – Louisville Cyclones vs. Brooklyn Bridegrooms Wed, 25 Mar 2015 01:34:51 +0000 On March 27, 1890 another tornado ripped through Louisville, Kentucky this time killing 76 people and injuring 200 more. 55 of those killed were crushed when City Hall collapsed, amounting in one of the greatest death tolls in a single building in U.S. history. The tornado caused about $3,000,000 in damage to the city of Louisville.

In honor of the many that were killed in the tornado the Colonels changed their name to the Cyclones for the 1890 season. Most publications still recognize the 1890 Louisville team as the Colonels.

At the start of the 1890 season the Player’s League was created because players were rebelling against a reserve clause in their contract, which was created in the 1880s. The addition of the Player’s League severely weakened the American Association and the National League. Although Louisville lost Pete Browning for the 1890 season it did see the return of manager Jack Chapman, who managed the Louisville Grays in 1876 and 1877. Despite the fact that Louisville finished so poorly the prior season the invention of the Player’s League provided each team with an equal opportunity to represent the American Association in the World Series. Led by longtime Colonel, Jimmy Wolf, who flourished in Browing’s absence, the Cyclones finished with a record of 88-44 which was good enough for 1st place in the AA, ten games in front of the Colombus Solons. Jimmy “Chicken” Wolf took Browing’s spot in the outfield and finished the year with an impressive .363 batting average, the only time he ever batted over .300 in his career. A dynamic pitching tandem of Scott Stratton and Red Ehret also led the Cyclones. Scott Stratton was the ace of the staff and finished the season with a 2.36 ERA and a 34-14 win-loss record. Ehret was not far behind; he finished the season with a 2.53 ERA at a 25-14 clip. The Cyclones would face the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, who finished with a record of 86-43, in Louisville’s first and only appearance in the World Series. The Boston Reds, who finished first in the newly created Player’s League, were not invited to take part in the World Series.

Interestingly enough the Bridegrooms’ nickname was derived because so many of their players got married over the off-season. 1890 was the first year in the National League for the Brooklyn Bridegrooms who in the previous year were in the same league as the Louisville Colonels, the American Association. In fact in 1889 the Bridegrooms represented the American Association in the World Series, losing to the New York Giants in a nine game series, 6-3. 1890 was the year for the Louisville Cyclones to represent the American Association in Louisville’s one and only World Series appearance. It would prove to be a World Series that would go down in history. It was very difficult for teams to travel from city to city so instead of alternating sights the first four games were to be played in Louisville, and Brooklyn would host the final three. In the previous year teams competed in a nine game series but in 1890 they were to play a seven game set, the conventional way the World Series is played today.

In the first game of the series, in front of 5,600 fans, the Cyclones were embarrassed 9-0 as Adonis Terry pitched a two-hit shutout for the Bridegrooms. Game three however, with the Bridegrooms up 2-0 in the series, would be the game that would help put this series into the history books. Louisville found themselves behind 7-4, going into the bottom of the eighth. The 2,500 people in the crowd saw Louisville’s chances at a World Series championship diminishing in front of their eyes. In the bottom of the eighth Louisville scored three runs and tied the game at seven, going to the ninth. However, game three’s score will forever be wedged at 7-7 because the umpires were forced to call the game due to darkness. In the final game at Louisville the Cyclones got their first victory 5-4, although only 1,050 fans saw it, and both teams would travel to Brooklyn with the Bridegrooms leading the series, 2-1.

The first two games in Brooklyn were split and they went to game seven with the Bridegrooms up, 3-2. Despite the fact that the Bridegrooms could clinch the World Series, only 300 fans showed up for game seven. In game seven, Red Ehret only allowed two hits as Louisville drew even in the series with a 6-2 victory. After seven games the 1890 World Series was knotted up at three games apiece, and it would stay that way. The 1890 series was so full of rancor and devoid of talent that the remainder of the series was abandoned. A writer for the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin noted, “There is scarcely enough interest in the series to induce the people to read the scores.” Louisville had taken part in the only World Series in history to end in a tie.

The 1890 World Series would be the last staged for thirteen years and the Player’s League immediately folded. The American Association would fold a year later. Louisville quickly jumped to the National League, where they would reside from 1892 until 1899. Louisville would never again finish over .500 but the final three years of major league baseball would be special despite their record. Honus Wagner, an original member of the Hall of Fame, started his career as a Louisville Colonel and would play for them from 1897 until 1899. When Louisville folded in 1899 Wagner signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates, where he would finish his career with some of the best numbers in Major League history.

Now you can celebrate the 1890 World Championship* with this Strait Pinkie Championship T-Shirt. Crazy soft. Made in USA. Only $17.95!

Click to buy now.

Louisville Cyclones 1890 World Champions T-Shirt

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Sunday Morning Hangover – 3/22/15 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 17:07:47 +0000 straitpinkiepod640 copy

Nick and Nick talk the NCAA Tournament.

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