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Pinkies Up!!! Year One Edition


Crotchety Jim Bunning Owes You Nothing Apparently (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Frank Mir Protege John Gettle Wanted A Souvenir – Graphic Video (With Leather)

Nine Badass Hybrid Monsters That Deserve Their Own Syfy Original Movie (Uproxx)

One Hundred Days Until The World Cup (Steady Burn)

SNL: I Almost Kind Of Feel Bad For J.Lo (Warming Glow)

That’s What She Said (Next Round)

The End Of The Leitner-Coleman Era (Rumors And Rants)

The Five Most Hip-Hop Moments On “Full Houseā€ (Broken Cool)

The Kings Of Controversy – Eminem Interview With Howard Stern (The Smoking Section)

Umaga WWE Superstar Death: Vicodin and Valium (TMZ)

Your NCAA Championship Week Announcing Schedule (Awful Announcing)

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