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Pinkies Up!!! The Pope Edition


A Nation Of Wimps (Psychology Today)

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 22: Sarah Spain = YUMP (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Drug Smuggler Swallows 123 Condoms Filled With Cocaine (MoonDog Sports)

Gangsta Douchebags (Caveman Circus)

Grandpa Is Not Enjoying The Lingerie Party (Uncoached)

Hellfire & Brimstone: Undertaker Catches Fire, Literally (The Smoking Section)

Reffing The Refs (Slam)

Seventeen Unusual Hobbies For 17 Incredibly Sexy Women (Bro Bible)

TBS Releases Early Season MLB Schedule (Awful Announcing)

Ten Family Guy Clips Way Worse Than The Sarah Palin One (Broken Cool)

The Stars Of The Vancouver Olympics So Far (Rumors And Rants)

Top Ten Stripper Roles That Answered Our Prayers (Gunaxin)

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