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Pinkies Up!!! The Hangover Edition

Only two more weeks until you can own this beast on DVD.


Adrienne Manning Is A Pretty Sweet Looking Ballerina (The Beer Goggler)

Antonie Walker’s Rough Year Continues (The Big Lead)

Carnival Princess: Emilia Attias (Epic Carnival)

Idiot Pees On Electric Fence (Yep Yep)

Lady Friend: Elaine Alden (Next Round)

Metzker Viktoria Is The International Babe Of The Day (Double Viking)

Spike Girl, And Entourage Hottie Kirstina Renee (Buge Hoobs)

Stoops Denies Notre Dame, Will Accept Job In A Couple Of Weeks (Rumors And Rants)

The 77 Sexiest Suicide Girls (CoEd Magazine)

Things That Are Difficult To Say When Drunk (Attuworld)

Today’s Headline: The Rapin’-est News Team In Alabama (The Smoking Section)

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