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Pinkies Up!!! The Creep Edition

A long time ago, back in high school, one of our fellow basketball managers had some sweet ole’ strategy when it came to hot broads. Say he was sitting on the bleachers in the gym four or five rows above this smoking hot yump. This is when he would put his strategy into action. He’d move down one row, then another, followed by another, until he was right up on her and then he would just sit there eating his 32. oz popcorn, sippin’ on his 44 oz. Mountain Dew and not say a word. We called it the “Fuzz Creep Move”.

Well, several years later, Andy Samberg and the folks at Saturday Night Live have finally caught on. Nicki Minaj even spits a verse.

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We ran feature after feature of Danielle Moinet of the LFL’s Chicago Bliss last week leading up to the Conference Championship games on Saturday. Welp, the Bliss fell to the Temptation and unfortunately will not be making the trip to Vegas for the Lingerie Bowl. Sucks. The Temptation will face Philadelphia, I forget what their mascot is, in the Lingerie Bowl on Sunday. You can get the game on Pay Per View and I believe it will air at halftime of the Soup.

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And we close with a product that I have been taking for years.

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