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Pinkies Up!!! Southern Belles Edition


Bobby Bowden Isn’t Going Anywhere, Haters (Rumors And Rants)

Browns Trade Braylon Edwards To Jets: Win-Win (MWSF)

Can A Man Still Reproduce With Only One Testicle (Next Round)

Erin Andrews Peephole Hotel May Soon Face Lawsuit (Business Insider)

Nothing Sexy About Falling Out Of A Truck (Don Chavez)

Our Rich History Of Cross-Dressing Politicians, A Gallery (Flisted)

Philadelphia Phillies Body Paint Chick (MoonDog Sports)

Promise Of Hot Meal, Free Uniform All Juwan Howard Needed To Sign With Blazers And Stop Hangin’ Out At Sully’s In Louisville (The Onion)

Louisville baseball from the DeLorean: Deion Sanders (Bats Examiner)

Twenty Five Hilarious Cakes (Holy Taco)

Underboob Better Than Cleavage? (Gunaxin)

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