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Pinkies Up!!! Slumpbuster Edition


Alessia Filippi Wins 1500m, Frederica Pelligrini sets Record @ World
Championships, Look Really Hot Doing It (The Angry T)

An Open Letter to Megan Fox About a Day Without Megan Fox (The Bachelor Guy)

Avril Lavigne Is A Slut (WWTDD)

Best Hockey Unis: Then And Now (Pucks And Pitchforks)

Difference Between A Ball-Hog And A Scorer (Hoop Doctors)

Drunk Celebrities: A Gallery (Banned in Hollywood)

Four Bad Reactions To Getting Fired (Illuminati)

Handicapping Where Brett Favre Will End Up Signing Midseason (MWSF)

Live From Message Boards: Steve Spurrier (No Guts, No Glory)

Mark Buerhle Retires MLB Record 45 Strait (With Leather)

Perhaps Being A Fat Guy Is Not So Bad (Blog Of Hilarity)

Referee Chased Down And Beaten (Rumors And Rants)

Romo Bans Simpson From His Home (MoonDog Sports)

Stephon Marbury Is The New Rickey Henderson (Bootlegger Sports)

What Reggie Bush Is Now Missing… (Kim Kardashian’s Twitter)

Yankees Cut Off Wang (Babes Love Baseball)

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