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Pinkies Up!!! She Gets It, He Doesn’t Edition

shegetsithedont Pinkies Up!!! She Gets It, He Doesnt Edition

The 5 Scariest Ice Skate Lacerations Of All Time (TPS)

Kwame Brown and his agent are idiots (Rumors & Rants)

Movies That Stop Channel Surfing (Zoner Sports)

Jesse Ventura Slaps Around Liz Hasselback (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

The Mack Daddy Baseball Team (The Big Lead)

Blogs With Balls Speaker Announced (HHR)

Top Ten Reasons David Ortiz is Struggling (Five Tool Tool)

Top 25 NBA Ready Players: Earl Clark in at 8, Twill at 18 (Sports2Debate)

New Michael Strahan Sitcom Sounds Awesome (Awful Announcing)

New Amazing NBA Commercials: Dr. J and Magic (NESW)

Alfonso Soriano gets called out by WWE’s The Miz at Judgment Day (Cubbiescrib)

Eric Bledsoe: Coach Calipari, you told me I was the manĀ  (MoonDog Sports)

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