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Pinkies Up!!! Rat Pinkies Edition


Age limits And The NBA (A Stern Warning)

Scott Boras Has No Soul (National Lampoon)

Horrific Soccer Injury: Oupa Ngulube Breaks Leg In Half (TPS)

Tim Lincecum Is Back! The Slugnuts Thank Him! (Josh Q. Public)

Reasons to Hate The Nuggets (Rumors & Rants)

Michael Vick Deserves A Second Chance (MoonDog Sports)

Five Coaches Most Likely To Be Sprewell’d (Zoner Sports)

Meet Two-Year Old Pool Prodigy: Keith “I’m A Hustler Baby” O’dell Jr. (Steady Burn)

Rich Eisen Goes On The DL (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

What Five Players Could Outeat Charles Barkley? (NESW)

The Technical Reality Of The John Calipari Case (John Clay)

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  1. mookie May 28, 2009 at 12:46 pm #

    Thanks for the link-love! Hit me up any time.

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