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Pinkies Up!!! People Of Walmart Edition

If you’ve never been to this site or gotten one of the email forwards, you should definitely check it out… People of Walmart


A $2 Million Phone Call (Tasty Booze)

Al Gore Will Be On 30 Rock (Warming Glow)

Best Signs From Gameday This End Of Week (Busted Coverage)

Clemson Rowing AKA Team Camel Toe (Deadspin)

Eva Longoria Has A Really Busy Schedule (Epic Carnival)

Hilary Duff: Cleavy & Vampire Like In Gossip Girl (Glamzilla)

Julie Bowen Is MILFtastic – And Likely A Future Yump (Don Chavez)

Lady Friend: Evelyn Kazantzoglou (Next Round)

Manny Pacquiao Is Clearly The Best (Rumors And Rants)

Sexy French Maids (Caveman Circus)

Sweetest Rat Tail Ever (Yep Yep)

That Cameraman Got JACKED UP! (Outside The Boxscore)

The Curse Of 370 Must Have Struck Ced Benson Early (With Leather)

The Fall Of A.I. (Randall Simon’s Sausages)

The 15 Hottest Babes From Brazil (Celebrity Odor)

The 25 Funniest Tombstones Of All-Time (Manofest)

Top 10 Worst Athlete Merchandising Mistakes (Maxim)

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