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Pinkies Up!!! Natalie Dee Edition


I’ve been searching for weeks, if not months to find the creator behind the comics such as the one above (in which it proves that everyone hates Biscuit) that often pop up in random Google image searches. We actually featured one of her cartoons unknowingly in the past, see: Pinkies Up!!! Smug Raccoon Edition

My quest is now complete. Natalie Dee, who from all indications is a sheer genius, has a website where she publishes a new comic every weekday, and has done so since 2001. They are hilarious. I don’t know why, but they are. Check out her website HERE. On to the linkages.

Another ‘Fan’ Got Tased, This Time In Golf (With Leather)

Brian Cushing On Steroids? Duh! (Yep Yep)

Could Tyreke Evans, John Wall Coexist? (SLAM)

Diora Baird Is The Greatest Actress Who Will Ever Live Video (Film Drunk)

Five Movies that Are a Hundred Times Better in Theaters (Unreality)

Hell Yes Betty White And Jay-Z SNL Video (Warming Glow)

Indiana Student Breaks Down The Universal 1-10 Scale To Rate Women (Bro Bible)

Matt Andrews Now Ace On Radio For Louisville’s Play-by-Play (The C-J)

Nine Alternate Jobs For Lindsay Lohan (Uproxx)

Suns Sweep Spurs Back To Old Folks Home (Rumors And Rants)

The Game Is Baseball And They Play It To Perfection (The Smoking Section)

The Seven Most Soul-crushing Series Finales In TV History (Cracked)

And for more great links to all things awesome from the web, check out Linkiest.com


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