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Pinkies Up!!! Lex Luthor Edition


Jobs That Somehow Exist (Funny Crave)

“From Dowwwnntoowwwnn…” NBA Jam Screenshots (The Smoking Section)

Heidi Klum Covers Up The Good Parts (Don Chavez)

Huh? Lesbian Youth At High Risk For Pregnancy (Yep Yep)

I Swear I’m Not Gloating (Rumors And Rants)

Preserving History: Who Dat? (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Terrell Owens: ‘If I Go To The Bengals, I’m Changing My Name To Ocho Uno’ (TSB)

Thirty Three Funniest Classified Ads Of All Time (Manofest)

Your 2010 Fox Baseball Schedule (Awful Announcing)

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