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Pinkies Up!!! Godfather Of Funk Edition


Chris Pressley Is A Beast, And Hilarious (Rumors And Rants)

Hit The Gym Fatty (Buzzfeed)

How Much Did Your Team Spend To Sign Its Draft Picks (Baseball America)

Jasmine Fiore: Former Playmate Murdered And Stuffed Into Suitcase (WWTDD)

Michelle Keegan In A Bikini (On 205th)

Nick Saban Tells Reporters To Pee Sitting Down (Every Day Should Be Saturday)

Packers-Vikings Tickets Sellin’ Like Hot Cakes (MWSF)

Run The Score Up… (The Smoking Section)

Shaq Being Sued Over New Show (MoonDog Sports)

Six Unintentionally Racist Commercials (Regretful Morning)

Strip Darts Seems Like Fun (Next Round)

Ten Biggest Attention Whores In Sports (The World Of Isaac)

Ten Professions Women Think Are Hot (Mademan)

The Perfect Murder (Blog Of Hilarity)

The Worst Boyfriends Ever In Pop Culture (Lemondrop)

Trampoline Vs. Fatty (EJB)

Twelve Worst Fantasy First Round Picks Ever (Open Sports)

Walmart Loves To Promote (The Dirty)

What To Do When Trapped In The ‘Friend-Zone’ With A Girl (Ask Men)

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