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Pinkies Up!!! Crompton Takes It Edition


Before we get to the daily linkage, we would like to throw a shoutout to Darrell of SEC Rivals for sending us this picture. Go check out his site at secrivals.com.

Oh and if you want to be featured on Pinkies Up, just send us a pic of yourself flashing strait pinkie.  We’ll name it whatever you want us to name it.  Email us at info@straitpinkie.com to submit your picture.

Byron Russell Not A Fan Of Jordan’s Speech (The Sporting News)

Curbing Your Texting Enthuisiasm (Clutch)

Dear NBC, Die (Deadspin)

Inner Monologue Of Kanye West At The VMAs (Holy Taco)

Interviewer Makes Megan Fox Wear A Bag On Her Head (Buzzfeed)

Japanese Little Red Riding Hood Has Interesting Friends (Blog Of Hilarity)

Jim Tressel Isn’t Capable Of Winning The Big Game (The Big Lead)

Kimbo Slice Vs. A Caterpillar: Who Ya Got? (Recall)

Prince Fielder: Love Him Or Hate Him (More Hardball)

Start Jay Cutler Against Pittsburgh? (MWSF)

The Bills Are Back (Rumors And Rants)

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders Also Did Maxim (Epic Carnival)

Twenty Five Famous Animated Food Mascots (Gunaxin)

We’ve All Been There, The Party Makeout Session (College Candy)

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