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Pinkies Up!!! Trevor Booker Dunks on Kyle Singler Edition

Past UK stars paved the way for an excellent recruiting class  (John Clay – Lexington-Herald)

U of L’s class is heavy on defense  (Jody Demling – Courier-Journal)

Who will land SI Swimsuit Edition Cover?  (Yep Yep)

What the hell is Grimace?  (Gunaxin)

Yep, these are my co-workers  (9 to Fried)

What’s the big deal with Phelps smoking weed?  (MoonDog Sports)

A crotch full of Boss, a chest full of Conan  (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Wait a minute…Kids still crank dat?  (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Brenda Warner 2.0  (Sparty and Friends)

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