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Pinkies Up!!! Benson Edition

caedk3ah Pinkies Up!!! Benson Edition

An Actual Reason To Watch The Big Ten Network – Melanie Collins (R & R)

Eight Awesome Activities That Became Illegal (Regretful Morning)

Fifteen People Who Should Never Be Allowed To Dance Again (HMJ)

Happy Birthday Shannon Elizabeth (MoonDog)

Japanese Robocop Loves Fried Chicken (Next Round)

Lingerie For The Ladies, And Maybe The Men Sometimes Too (College Candy)

Merriman, Nowitzki And Me!! (Catch This)

Naked DUIs Are Bad…Usually (Blog Of Hilarity)

NFL Week 1 TV Schedule, Announcer Pairings, Predictions (MWSF)

Pam Ward Chronicles Week One (Awful Announcing)

Self Imposed Cock-Block (Tasty Booze)

The Fast Food Mafia (Gunaxin)

Things You Should Never Ever Say To Your Girl (Made Man)

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