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Four Roses Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Secretariat

Four Roses and the Kentucky Derby Museum have come together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the amazing Triple Crown of Secretariat.


Four Roses and the Secretariat team has created a special bourbon decanter that will feature the super horse with his mount Ronnie Turcotte, and according to the Kentucky Derby Museum website the “ceramic decanters were created by the Secretariat team in the style of the 70’s era collectible decanters that became popular among fans and whiskey connoisseurs. This decanter will feature a detachable lid in the jockey’s head as the opening for the bourbon container.” The owner of the great horse, Penny Chenery, will select the bourbon at the Cox’s Creek distilling facility that will fill the decanters.


On May 1st, the Kentucky Derby Museum will host the release event. Tickets can be purchased for $50 and the decanters will be signed and sold for $320. The event will include a tasting by Mrs. Chenery, Ronnie Turcotte, and the amazing Jim Rutledge. Rutledge has attended one my personal bourbon tastings, and I can tell you he brings a wealth of knowledge and you can hear the passion in his voice for America’s native spirit. Four Roses also will release a special limited edition bourbon and bottle commemorating the accomplishments of the horse. You should go HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

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