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Captain Morgan’s “Perfect Getaway” – Challenge #2

captaintmorganthumb1 300x252 Captain Morgans Perfect Getaway   Challenge #2

The folks at Captain Morgan have been nice enough to include StraitPinkie.com in their latest promotion, the “Perfect Getaway” Challenge. StraitPinkie.com is one of ten websites included in the challenge and this thing is all about reader contribution, so Pinkie Nation will play a huge roll.

We’re in fifth after the first round and if we finish in the Top Four after three rounds, Captain Morgan will come to Louisville and throw a party for selected readers.

The idea is simple. Watch the video below and solve this riddle, “The Captain’s vessel is of great fame. The answer to this challenge is in its name. (Hint: Morgan’s flagship)

Watch the video. It may take some Google searching to get the answer. Once you have solved the riddle, simply write the answer of the riddle in the comments section. That is it.

If the Pinkie Nation comes through and gets the most correct answers in the comments section in round two, one random selected commenter will win an iPad Mini, a Men’s G-Shock Watch, Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones, or more. There is a list of like 20 really sweet prizes.

This the second of three challenges, so stay tuned over the next week or so. Also, feel free to promote Captain Morgan’s Perfect Getaway on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, not only can you win prizes in each round, but if StraitPinkie.com finishes in the top four in the overall challenge many of our readers will be invited to a party thrown by Captain Morgan.

Answer the riddle in the comments section below and you will automatically be entered to win. You are eligible to participate until Friday, May 3 at 3 p.m. EST.